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Loitokitok Photos

As much as you love my lengthy prose, I figure I owe you a few photos with simple captions.  Also, I’m avoiding having to study for tomorrow’s exam, so reviewing photos seemed really appealing.  So without further ado…

This is where I sit at home in the evening and respond to blog comments on my phone.  I took this photo today.  There is always hot milk for me in that thermos.


This is a very accurate drawing of me.  I received this during the Secret Santa gift exchange.


And here is the gift I gave to my Secret Santa.  Businesses and homes in Loitokitok usually have at least one positive-message baby sign.


This is my homestay brother.  He is five years old and he is holding the electric Christmas Tree that I received in a care package on Christmas Eve (great timing!).  This picture was taken in the kitchen.  In the background: my homestay sister and auntie (the house helper).


On the left is the front gate of my home.  In the distance is Mount Kilimanjaro.


And here are all the Deaf Education trainees. The guy on the bottom right is always asking too many questions in class.


3 Responses to “Loitokitok Photos”

  • Nice photos Paul. We enjoy reading your blog. You mentioned that you ate goat meat in a previous entry, I’ve eaten goat (Mexican style) several times and find it quite tasty. I’ll have to try termites some day. Take care and Happy New Year!
    Uncle Joe

  • O no !!!!!!!!!!!!!! No high definition pictures on your blog, what are you going to do that is sooooooo terrible! Even worse than the slaughterd goat which I could not help but to read about.,,,Hmmm lets see i had alot of comments while reading but I have probably forgotten most of them by now. But I do remember that I really want those green couches!!!!!!!! They are awesome! Mount Kilimanjaro looks really pretty, and your brother is really cute with the Christmas tree 🙂 I also like the picture of you!!! Its almost as good as the one you drew for mom and I. I cant believe you got our package on New Years Eve as well. Could not have been more perfect! Well love you! O and your second project can always be learning that magic trick!!!

    • Elise the magic tricks might have saved me today if only I had learned them in time– I need to find some way to keep the kids’ attention!