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ErinRose Back In Kenya

My girlfriend is here for her second visit.  She arrived on Friday and we spent this weekend on the North Coast Mombasa, about twenty minutes from my house.  On Saturday we went to Haller Park, a nearby rock quarry-turned-mini-zoo/park where injured/abandoned animals are taken as a kind of safe haven.  Here are some pictures:


I think this creature is actually from another planet:



The deadliest animals in Kenya: hippos!


It’s hard to tell from the picture, but this bird was gigantic!



On Sunday we went to the also-nearby Mamba Crocodile Village, where crocodiles are raised for their skin and meat.




Read the sign in this next picture:


Here’s a video of the feeding:

After watching the feeding we went up to the restaurant, where we were seated at the “Lovers Table.”  We waited for the sun to set before we started dinner, since while she is here ErinRose is joining me in fasting for Ramadan.  I ate crocodile steak while I looked down at the crocodiles below, thinking “Now who’s on top of the food chain!”  Then I wondered how many people get eaten here every year.  The fences didn’t inspire much confidence.


Starting yesterday, ErinRose has been helping with my classes, which have been going well.  The younger kids are painting and the older kids are mostly reviewing stuff from last term.  Having a helper in the classroom is great, because I can split the class into groups.  The kids have been teaching her many signs, and they gave her one of her own, very similar to my sign name.

Our weekends may be very touristy, but since she’s staying with me here at school during the week, the Culture Immersion (the good and the bad) is unavoidable.  More adventures to follow…

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  • the pic where u are wearing orange is a very good one of you!! I like how the monkeys play with the hippo 🙂 ALso remember when we ate crocodile pizza in australia?

  • I am really enjoying your blog. I am in high school but after college I am looking forward to joining the peace corps :] I like all of the photos, they make it seem much more real.

Pulling Feathers Out of a Dead Chicken

My latest culture shock that i knew was coming: watching my Kenyan momma slit a chickens throat. Watching the neck spasm around on its own was the worst (best?) part. I only plucked the feathers, but next time i might do the killing. Currently just waiting for the stew to finish so we can eat. Hopefully tonight i will be able to post more Loitokitok thoughts.

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  • Ummm i dont know why you thought this to be an appropriate posting when you knew I would be reading it! 🙁

  • Now i feel bad. If it makes you feel any better maybe ill be less inclined to visit kfc when i return.

  • Hey, Paul. Merry Christmas. In an effort to economize, my sister is cooking cornish game hens instead of prime rib for the holiday (what a sacrifice!) After reading this I think I would prefer a garden salad. Miss ya.

  • Now you know where the expression “like a chicken with it’s head chopped off” comes from. Your uncle, Don, thinks that people here are too removed form their food source, hence the squimishness with slaughtering animal for food. What did you do with the plucked feathers? I just heard a story of a man researching the phenomenon of chickens being sucked up by tornados and theing plucked clean and deposited miles away, otherise, unharmed.

  • Merry Christmas Paul-We miss you like crazy! Christmases have become more low key since you and Elise are all grown up. I miss the stress! And you are so far away… elise and Dave are cookin chicken pot pie for dinner tomorrow-at least they were befor your blog note. Good luck with that circle of life thing. Advice-do not give the critters names. Anyway, have a happy Kenyan Christmas and know we are thinking of you every step of the way.

  • um i am pretty sure u should already not be eating KFC

  • It sounds like a toned down christmas all around. Scott there is a train of thought that it is better to eat big animals because a single death will feed more mouths so maybe you should go back to prime rib next year. Judy i miss your chicken pot pie despite the experience here. Dad there are huge dust devils here when we have a few dry days so the next one i see ill try to toss in a chicken and let you know what happens. Elise you are not going to like my next post.

Termites are yummy

Ate some yesterday.

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