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Coast Kids Party in Mombasa

This weekend I had some volunteer visitors from up the coast, who stayed with me and helped me explore Mombasa and eat in new places.  I think we’re all a little stir crazy from the isolation brought on by the strike, so it was good to socialize and practice KSL.  Here are some pictures from our outings.

On the way back from Chinese food, our ride in the “HD Hidden Diskette” matatu (or “Hiden Diskete” as it was spelled on the ceiling).  Blacklights abound:


Playing cards and enjoying our fifty-shilling (expensive!) sodas near Mombasa’s biggest tourist attraction, Fort Jesus.


View from my card-playing seat.  Fort Jesus in the foreground on the right, Indian Ocean in the background.


Taking a Lakoni ferry (or “fiddy!” as the matatu drivers shout) from Mombasa to Shelly Beach, where we waited a really long time for our lunch at “The Office.”  I had a delicious tilapia head with a tomato sauce, which I think was the source of the delay.  In view is the south bay (opposite Mombasa):


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Catching up on photos…

I knew my nice Pelican case would be good for something...

I knew my nice Pelican case would be good for something...

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  • hi paul!
    well i already love reading your blog, i am totally gonna follow your adventures. it already seems amazing..

    i myself am heading off again in 3 weeks. this time i dont have a return date, so we’ll see what happens.

  • Hi Paul,
    Thanks for keeping us informed and letting us follow you on your fantastic adventure. Be safe! Have fun!
    Uncle joe

  • jean j. blair

    hi! this is grandma sending love and best wishes to you. neat hair cut! is this a new game? uncle joe called and explained the blog world to me and this pm i will read the blog – so glad you are ok. grandpa says good luck and may the Lord be with you. Love from both of us

  • Hey Paul! Cool to see your blog! 🙂
    ErinRose came up today and we’re having a great Thanksgiving–too bad you’re not here to play games with us. The necklace is absolutely beautiful–I kept watching the diamonds sparkle at dinner. 🙂 Be well and enjoy!!! xoxo Alejandra

  • Hey buddy, great blog! We all miss you at Thanksgiving. Hope o hear more on your blog about your super keen adventures. Stay safe and be well.

  • Great Blog. I hope all works well. If you need any techno help I am only an e-mail or call away. My mobile is 614.361.6475 and you got my e-mail address if not call. Sounds like a great adventure, best of luck and may the Lord be with you. Stay safe. PS The CEO’s advise is write on and I would add the following: Do NOT eat any fruit or vegetable that is pre-cut or washed with water. Only drink from a bottle or can, NO ice. Keep your finger nails short and clean. Don’t rub your eyes or lips with your fingers, use the corner of your wrist.

  • Hi Paul,

    I am enjoying your blog. Please give my regards to my nephew Jon McLean if you see him.


  • Jeff i will pass on the regards. You may be interested to know that jon was the first non-deaf-ed trainee to receive a sign name: hand under chin (die) followed by two fists (hard). Its one of our favorites. Im not sure he even knows. Johns a real problem solver so i can see him doing good things here.

  • Amber your turtle blog was one of the main reasons i wanted to have my own. I hope you contine to visit. . . Ill try to keep it interesting. Greg thank you and i hope things are well it the new house. Uncle chuck im trying to take all the advice but its hard to dodge all the vegetables. Grandma i have no idea what game is in the picture but we are playing a lot of hearts and in still trying to figure out pinochle. Whew! I didnt realize i had fallen so far behind with the comments.

  • Hi Paul,

    Got your website from my brother-in-law Jeff Briggs. You are in Kenya with my son Jon McLean. Hope you are all doing well and i know you are getting ready for the swearing in and assignments. Good Luck and stay safe.

    Kim McLean

    • Kim: As it turns out, out of the entire training group, Jon is actually the closest to me. I haven’t seen his place yet, but I have seen the ferry that I’d need to take to visit him. On the Mombasa side it’s right next to Nakumatt, the big Target-style store here.