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Went to Malindi for Saturday night and Sunday morning:



I found a West Coast CBS rebroadcast from the USA that actually streamed reasonably well to Kenya, so, being the techie volunteer with the good Internet, we had a lil’ party at my house!  We got to watch the commercials and everything.  The only problem?  Kickoff here was at 2:30AM.


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Halloween Party!

Old news I know but I’ve been busy.  Here are some Halloween pics.

The naked man in the cardboard box is supposed to be a matatu.


This guy’s helmet and chestplate were purchased here in Mombasa at the Secondhand Supermarket, where Goodwill donations go to die.


The next morning, waking up in a tent in the heat and humidity was not pleasant, but hey, I finally got to use my tent!


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  • dear Paul; Grandpa and I have been trying to keep up with you and your adventures – you seem to be doing a good job in your job.We hope you have a good , blessed Thanksgiving. We love you and wish you well. Grandpa and grandma Blair

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I just added some links at the bottom of the right column. If you are ever feeling information-deprived you can easily read what my peers are up to. In other news tomorrow is the big language test and regardless of how it goes the deaf ed group will be together in a cottage to celebrate new years. Wish me luck on both counts.

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