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Rehearsal for Murder: Simple Yet Attractive
Review and photographs by Paul Blair

"Character is who you are in the dark."
              -Primo Levi

The idea is this:
     On the one-year anniversary of his fiancée's death, a playwright, Alex Dennison (Chris Walker), brings back all those involved in the play being staged at the time of her supposed suicide.  Through the rehearsal for his new play he has planned for them, he brings out revelation after revelation of the surrounding events of Monica
(Victoria Dicce)'s death.

This and other photos can be found in the Photo Gallery.  Click here to go there.
Peter Buehler hasn't figured it out yet.

The plot is a good one.  It's a mystery, and, as Bella Lamb (Marisa Marquez) puts it in the play, "They do well."
The acting is strong, with noteworthy performances from all the cast,
Chris Walker deserving a side note simply because of the
number of his lines.

Alex Dennison, a playwright Chris Walker
Ernie, a custodian Josh Veach
Sally Bean, a secretary Kate McLean
A stagehand Katherine Raleigh
Monica Wells, a star Victoria Dicce
Loretta, a stage manager Eileen Peth
Lloyd Andrews, a director Eric Gould
Bella Lamb, a producer Marissa Marquez
Karen Daniels, an actress Ann Donyonic
Leo Gibbs, an actor Jebb Mirell
David Matthews, an actor Brendan O'Connor
A caterer Katherine Raleigh
A police officer Arianna Smith
Another officer Zach Robbins
A man Peter Buehler
Mr. Santoro, a moving man Anthony Bellizzi
A police lieutenant Adam Santos-Coy

In addition to the strong acting all around, the set design / lighting / music / etc. enhanced this year play dramatically.

The only problem I had with this year's play (I'm sorry, but it wasn't perfect) was that there really weren't enough plot twists.  The plot moves along for the longest time, interesting as it may be, and then - BOOM - there's a twist - and that's it.   Of course the story itself isn't that simple, but it isn't that complicated either, which results in it being a short play, clocking in at around an hour and a half.

Overall, bravo!  This play had many obstacles to overcome, including Marisa's fall down the steps resulting in a sprained ankle and Chris' allergy hives, but it still came out on top!

This and other photos can be found in the Photo Gallery.  Click here to go there.
From left to right: Brendan O'Connor, Peter Buehler, Marissa Marquez, Jebb Mirell, Eric Gould, and Chris Walker.

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