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JHS Band Scene: FLiPSiDE
Brad Parker '99 unleashes a lengthy article reguarding Jesuit's own band made up of previous Of the Kind members: where they are, where they're going, etc.
- March 10, 1999 -

Ash Wednesday Liturgy
Wednesday we celebrated the lenten mass and all recieved the sign of the cross upon our foreheads. Sargon Benjamin writes a little article to sum up the day.
- February 17, 1999 -

Logitech Review
Our hardware reviewer Will Tungpagasit gives us another great review of new logitech devices.
- January 8, 1999 -

Monster Fusion Review
Another hardware review from Will Tungpagasit on the new Diamond video card from Monster Fusion.
- January 8, 1999 -

Seth Cohen's Poems II
Senior Seth Cohen writes over 10 new poems for us all to enjoy. They are quite different from his original set but still just as good and through provoking.
- December 26, 1998 -

Jesuit Produces Great Poems
Senior Seth Cohen writes some insightful poems. You will laugh, you will cry, and you will feel warm all inside all because of these great poems.
- November 11, 1998 -

Remembering David St. Croix
Paul Blair gives a brief intro, two anonymous seniors let us in on their feelings, and we share some of David's essay.
- November 9, 1998 -

Freshman Election Results
Patrick Reynolds lets us in on the Freshman elections that took place last week.
- November 8, 1998 -

"Rehearsal for Murder" Review
Paul Blair reviews the fall play and includes a couple pictures from his earlier image compilation.
- November 3, 1998 -

Speed Thrills
Senior Dimitri Rigopoulos gives us the specs and other info on Senior Anthony Watson's 1993 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS
- October 30, 1998 -

"Rehearsal for Murder" Photos
A compilation of some of senior Paul Blair's many photographs from October 28's dress rehearsal.
- October 29, 1998 -

The New Student Life Center
Freshman Phil Gutierrez gives us the low down on the upcoming Student Life Center
- October 18, 1998 -

The Death of One of Our Own
Freshman Ryan Rallanka gives his words of peace and reflects about life and death
- October 7, 1998 -

Frosh Overnight- Senior Style
Big Brother Giovanni Fuoco gives his side of the William Thurston article
How We Grew (which is now offline due to confidentiality concerns)
- October 4, 1998 -

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