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Jesuit High School Activities

Education is more than textbooks, examinations, and report cards, though these obviously play a key role in teaching and learning. The goal at Jesuit High School is development of the total person and Student Activities help to address this goal. Every Jesuit student is encouraged to participate in a co-cirricular activity requiring time and commitment on his part. Our goal is that students acquire knowledge about themselves through working with others and cooperating with students of different interests, backgrounds, and personalities toward the attainment of a common goal. This is an extremely valuable experience. Sharing one's fascination with or skill in an activity is a satisfying and enjoyable adventure for any human being. Our hope is that there is "something for everyone" in the diverse activities program.

The vast majority of these clubs and activities are formed by students with particular interests and and skills. The process for forming a club is very simple. Student pick up a Club/Activity Application in the Main Office, petition a faculty member to be the club moderator, and if the club or activity is approved, it is formed. We distinguish between Clubs and Activities in several ways. An activity is just that: a specific activity that might be seasonal (Food Drive, Holly Rollers, etc.) and does not necessarily require officers, budgets, etc. Generally an Activity is a group of students with common interests. A Club on the other hand, organizes with officers, by-laws or a constitution, and regular meetings. These students may pursue a year-long "agenda" of activity, study, action, etc. (Speech & Debate, Amnesty International and Math Club etc.)
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