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The LAST Response
Joe Jaszewski, last year's graduate, revises
his Plank Article to include the facts. His new article has changes from a thirty minute conversation with the Editor-in-Chief of JHSnet.

- January 31, 1999 -

Another Plank Article Corrected
Joe Jaszewski, last year's graduate, revises
his Plank Article to include the facts. His new article has changes from a thirty minute conversation with the Editor-in-Chief of JHSnet.

- January 31, 1999 -

Theater Sports is Great
Where else can you hear about theater sports at J-High? JHSnet of course! Senior Matt Eagan writes about his experience this
past weekend.

- January 31, 1999 -

Grace Court: Not so Graceful Anymore
Sophomore Sargon Benjamin has something to say about the trash that has been piling up in Grace Court. The freshmen, along with everyone else, need to help keep this great monument clean for future classes.
- January 25, 1999 -

Clinton Polls Up. Really?
Freshman William Thurston has a poll that gives us some percents on what the real public is thinking. If you want you can go to the site and participate in the poll.
- January 23, 1999 -

Nixon popular like Clinton
This political editorial goes off on Clinton. Dimitri Rigopoulos talks about everything from Congress to the Church to the Republicans. If you are a "Clinton Liberal" this may not be the article for you.
- January 23, 1999 -

Plank Article. . . corrected!
JHSnet's Senior Editor, Paul Blair writes a response to the Dec. 4 Plank article about the publications at J-High. Many issues are corrected as the Plank article has many false statements.
- January 16, 1999 -

1998: A Year To Remember?
Freshman Demetrios Spyridakis talks about many things that happened in the US and the world in his article.
- January 16, 1999 -

It's All Sour Grapes to Me
In an unexpected twist of events in the JHSnet saga that
puts Star Wars to shame, Dean Avdalas '99 responds
to the "Speed Thrills" series of articles.
- January 3, 1999 -

I Like Monkeys.
Senior Derek Wong gives us his perspective on monkeys. This is more of a metaphor than a story just about a monkey. We give it a thumb up, tell us what you think about it.
- December 30, 1998 -

Seen Any Blondes Lately?
Senior Brad Parker has written an informative article on teenage tv shows with the ever present, "blonde" figure. Have you seen any lately?
- December 30, 1998 -

Senior Seth Cohen talkes about what it means to be in a relationship with girls, friends, family. This is a must read.
- December 26, 1998 -

Dimitri's Last Response. . .
Dimitri's last response to Jebb's responses on his car articles.
- December 26, 1998 -

Re: Re: Re: "Speed Thrills"
Jebb Mirell responds to Dimitri's response to Jebb's response to Dimitri's article.  See below for the older responses.
- December 4, 1998 -

Dumb and Dumber over Thanksgiving Break
In Sports writer Sargn Benjamin's first article outside his previous realm, he writes of his experience with his new VCR.
- December 4, 1998 -

Movies You Should See!
Patrick Reynolds hands over some great rental suggestions for your next in-house date / family event / etc.
- November 29, 1998 -

"Fast Cars Don't Equal Rich Kids"
Senior Dimitri Rigopoulos gives his own response to Jebb Mirell's e-mail (below) about Dimitri's Speed Thrills article
- November 21, 1998 -

"Striving for a Better Tomorrow,
and a Better Web Site"

That is Senior Jebb Mirell's self-proclaimed title for his response to Dimitri Rigopoulos' "Speed Thrills" Student Life article.
- November 16, 1998 -

Campaign Ads
Brian Abreu gives us A Deeper Look at Political Ad Campaigns
- November 1, 1998 -

My Family Traded in a Suburban
for a Catholic Education

Senior Michael Ambrozewicz talks about his Catholic education and what it has meant to him and his family
- October 22, 1998 -

It's Time We Booted OUT Computers
Once again, Paul Blair lets us in on his unusual views (and the irony of where his paper is being published!) in this amusing read.
- September 29, 1998 -

Why Smart People Bother Me
Paul Blair shares his rarely-appreciated views on human beings in this exquisitely-written masterpiece.
- September 27, 1998 -

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