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All changes to JHSnet in (roughly) the past month
are listed here.  This is an easy way to track our progress or to
see what's changed since you last visited.  While the Home page normally displays the newest headlines, other less-drastic changes are recorded here.

General Progress Notes

  • Our forums part of the site is up and running. We have added passwords for each student so only Jesuit students have access to the forums pages. Faculty was just added.
  • Virtual Tour is still looking great! (If it ever gets here)
  • JHSnet II is now officially in Alpha Testing (whatever that means).  Release 2.5: Fixed "grey problem" and frames borders.   Increased viewable area in main.  Playing with smaller logo and... coming soon... buttons! Try it and email us.


  • "The Best of" main page is up.
  • Damn we worked hard this year!


  • Added a calendar entry... all of May will be up tommorow.
  • COME SEE CAMELOT!  There's a dog in it!


  • Two new headlines added to main page.
  • A list of one liners is posted that are... how should I put it... FUNNY.
  • The BIGGEST thing done is the summer school info is posted. aaahhhhh!!!


  • Main page is added to once again with some new links to some sites that might help some J-High students.


  • Main page is updated and the look and feel has been altered.
    Sorry to our faithful readers for we have not been providing new content for awhile.


  • School Pix Page is updated for the last time in March. Look for more great pix as the school year comes to an end.


  • Tweaked the Calendar a bit...
  • Re-did table layout code for main page.  Possibly resulting in a faster load time?
  • Re-did software download table at the bottom of the main page.


  • New calendar up.  Still looking for a prettier alernative for the unfortunate Netscape users.  (If you hate Microsoft, get Neoplanet or something!)


  • Pix page is updated.
  • Main page is changed. (Mostly behind the scenes code)
  • Calendar is rotated.


  • Most of the Templete 1 footers are now changed.


  • Main page footer is changed to now include the Neoplanet link as one of our RECOMMENDED browsers. It is much better than Opera and it displays our page perfectly. The links for all other Templete 1 pages will be changed soon.


  • FLIPSIDE article up w/ cropped photos
  • Main page adjusted


  • Daily Pix updated... main page rearranged.
  • Internal work on JHSnet II... not released.


  • Main Page is updated with Sargon's article.
  • Student life section updated.


  • Main Page is updated with new stories and a top 5 list.
  • Editorials page updated with new story.
  • Sports page is finally changed a little.
  • Calendar rotated


  • Basketball score up (thanks Sargon)

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