Big Wood General Store

14 Foot Momentum FISHING RAFT – 6 compartment inflatable which comes with aluminum fishing frame with fore and aft high back swivel seats, rowers seat, Carlisle 9ft one piece oars with outfitters blades, oarlocks, and tie down straps. $2700.00
STRAPS - in all sizes and strengths
Cam Buckle Straps 1"
2’ length Assorted colors $ 2.50ea
4’ length Red $ 2.75ea
6’ length Green $ 3.00ea
8’ length Blue $ 3.25ea
10’ length Yellow $ 3.50ea
12’ length Brown $ 3.75ea
Cam Buckle Straps 1 ½"
2’ length Assorted colors $ 3.50ea
4’ length Red  $ 3.85ea
LV – Made in England, 60,000 r.p.m. 3 p.s.i, 20 cfm. This 12 volt little wonder is well worth the price. $96.25

Hand crafted Cigar HUMIDOR – Large, see through top, canted just enough to allow a great view of your collection. Cedar lined display rack built for capacity of a 100+ cigars of differing lengths. There is a large storage compartment below the Cedar display rack for whole boxes. This would be a great centerpiece for any Sportsman’s Den or Clubhouse. $125.00

BIG WOOD Fly Boxes



WATERPROOF BAGS- Fold down top snaps together to make a handle. Heavy duty 19 ounce sides with round bottoms. They come in red or blue.

Bear Tooth "Braided Leaders" A wide assortment of "braided leaders" for all types of fly fishing needs. $ 7.95