Welcome to my home on the web!  May name is Paul Blair and <blink>this is my web page!!!</blink>
  • This is a picture of me just a few weeks ago:


As you can see, I am a cyborg.  I have a lot of human friends though.  THey accept me because my dad's cyborg genes were recessive, so it's almost unnoticeable, especially when I wear a long sleeve shirt, see?  Look at the next picture for an example.

The only other part of me that is robotic is my secret part!  I was raised not to say the word, but you can hold your cursor over the top left picture of the midget to get an idea.  I am not a midget.

I hope that you will explore my page and let me know what you think.  My email site is pbblair@ucsd.edu .  I am new to web design, so my computer friends tease me, but let me know what you think so i can improve. it.  Here is one of my computer friends, he is a good listener:

Last updated February 8, 1999