Created by Paul Blair and John Dion

In a Nutshell     a brief synopsis
     Originally titled "Inflatable TV," Superkeen will be the funniest show you watch on the day you watch it.  From its quirky music intro to its irreverent original skits and not-so-original parodies, you'll laugh so hard that you'll pee on your couch and your dog will scold you.  "Ha!" it will say.

     Between laughs you might notice that Superkeen has been assembled by a talented group.  Its large and devoted cast and crew have put many many months into ensuring that, indirectly, your dog will scold you.  The entire show is pre-recorded to avoid quote-unquote "sucking."

     If you have a nice sound system, you might even notice that Superkeen is actually in stereo!  That's right, much of Superkeen uses two, count them, two different audio tracks!  That's due to the show's careful planning and clever sound designers.  Speaking of crew members, let's turn our attention to...

Cast and Crew    
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     From the idea-makers to the actors to the dancers, so many people take part in creating each episode.  In fact, so many have helped with the show that it's impossible to name them all.  The few listed are the ones I remember.  Here they are, stupid nicknames and all!


Actors, Actresses, Dancers, Extras, etc.:


"Superkeen" Music    
listen up

     Our fantastic theme song is written and performed by our friend, the skilled and mysterious Dr. Blue.  You might already be familiar with the plain vanilla original theme, so for those of you extreme-types, go ahead and give the Brady Bunch Remix a listen.  You can download the MP3s right here!

      If you live off campus, share these on Napster!  Resnet's ban stifles the deserved spread of Dr. Blue's fan base, so be a pal.  Also, if you have any inquiries as to the true identity of the doctor, contact one of the producers and give them gifts and stuff.