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ErinRose in Kenya, Part 3!

Before we resume our regular programming (meaning longer, rambling, more verbose passages of text), here’s another round of pictures, courtesy mostly of ErinRose, who was here until Sunday.

This one’s for you Elise, from the Nairobi nature walk:


ErinRose and I ate lunch near the rhino and saw dozens of baboons wander past us:


The guide told me I didn’t tip enough after being led into the cheetah cage for this pic.  Apparently the eight guys who sit around the cage need to split the tips between them.  I’m mean so I still didn’t tip more:


Back at school, ErinRose and my counterpart and I handed out various undergarments that were sent from America by a previous volunteer’s friends and family:

P1040279 - Copy

Doing what I do best in a plane to Lamu:


Me taking a picture in Lamu.


Here I am “explaining” a science experiment (poking holes in paper to reveal the crescent-shaped spot on the shadow caused by the eclipse) to my vocational students, another teacher, and some others.  I had never heard of this trick and wasn’t even aware that there was an eclipse happening, but another volunteer called me during the eclipse and explained how it worked and insisted that I must go show it to some students.  ErinRose knew the trick, too, so she poked the holes.  It was pretty cool, and I still don’t totally understand why it works at all:


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