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Too Much Information

Since I lost my phone a while back, I finally bought a new one—a Nokia 5230, called the “Nuron” by T-Mobile in America.  It has some goofy features that I’ve been playing with.

One program that runs on the phone is called Qik and it streams video directly from my phone’s camera.  I’ve used it a couple times and the videos I’ve taken (all in Mombasa, despite the fact that Qik seems to think I’m in Ethiopia sometimes).  Feel free to check on my page on the Qik website.


I also have been playing with the GPS, which is kind of fun.  The other day I turned the tracking feature on, put the phone in my pocket, and went to lunch.  You can see my journey on Google maps below, or you can check out my page on Nokia SportsTracker site to see all sorts of info, like the top speed of the matatu I took.

We’ll see if I continue using these features, but I thought I’d share what I’ve done so far.  I do have a plan to perhaps make a map of matatu routes in Mombasa, since no such map exists and all I’d have to do is sit in matatus with my phone in my pocket.  Anyway, enjoy!

AN UPDATE FROM THE FUTURE: On August 30, 2014, Qik shut down. I managed to grab my video files before that happened. They’re not that exciting, but in the interest of preservation, here they are.
Students in library
In the hands of children
All you can eat Indian food
A water park to ourselves
A second in the classroom

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