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A Day and a Night in Amsterdam

Oh right, I forgot about this whole “winter” thing. I did a little sightseeing yesterday, since I missed my connection due to snow-related delays. As someone who doesn’t even have a coat with me, I must say that it’s quite cold. After walking around for a few hours, I took my hands out my pockets when I entered a Mexican (!) restaurant, and I had to rub them against my coffee until they could again open, unclenched.

People here are in Christmas shopping mode, which is a phemomenon that I haven’t seen firsthand for quite some time. Other things that have struck me now that I’m out of Africa (just a short list of the first few things that come to mind):

  • People have pet dogs. Inside. On leashes.
  • Everything is really bright indoors. Lots of lightbulbs everywhere.
  • I can eat lettuce. I don’t have to push it to the side of my plate for fear that I will get sick.
  • There is design everywhere. In Kenya I was impressed if the wall paint and the chairs matched.
  • People understand what I’m saying, even if I say it quickly and with my own American accent.

Well, I should head over to my gate. Hopefully this flight leaves on time!

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