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I’m in the news!

For a completely ridiculous reason, sorry.

So some of you may have noticed I haven’t been replying to emails.  This is because before I left for Kenya, I decided to upgrade my free Google Apps email account to the $50/year “Premier” version, which buys me telephone support among other things, which I figured might be useful if I have email problems in Kenya.  Anyway, a year passed, and I let the Premier features expire since I never used them.

Due to a Google bug, my email totally went berserk and I couldn’t access it at all, and I couldn’t even access the settings for my emails, AND since I no longer was paying for phone support, no one would help me.  So I started posting on the Google forum looking for help, and I made the news, which in turn may well have forced Google to hurry up and fix my email.  Quite an ordel for something terribly unexciting.  Also a longwinded excuse for not replying to emails.  For anyone who’s interested or just amused, here’s the article on the Register (UK):

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  • Dear PaulBBlair. Your whistle-blowing antics are not much appreciated. Google has been tracking your account status, and using their new geo-locating through packet sniffing blah blah magic, determined that people in Kenya should be thrown for loops (of the redirecting nature in this case), because, that’s your life.

    in other news. when i try to hit tab to go to the next form item on this reply form, it tabs me all the way to the next reply form on your front page. just and fyi. hack that s**t and fix it, or you shall be no worse than google!

    • I jump through hoops for breakfast. Take that, Google.

      Your other news is now old news– the tabbing bug for comments is now fixed for Firefox, IE, and other browsers that follow the rules. WebKit browsers all seemed to ignore tabindex anyway, which is why I never noticed. This brings my total number of WordPress PHP hacks up to five!

ErinRose in Kenya, Part 3!

Before we resume our regular programming (meaning longer, rambling, more verbose passages of text), here’s another round of pictures, courtesy mostly of ErinRose, who was here until Sunday.

This one’s for you Elise, from the Nairobi nature walk:


ErinRose and I ate lunch near the rhino and saw dozens of baboons wander past us:


The guide told me I didn’t tip enough after being led into the cheetah cage for this pic.  Apparently the eight guys who sit around the cage need to split the tips between them.  I’m mean so I still didn’t tip more:


Back at school, ErinRose and my counterpart and I handed out various undergarments that were sent from America by a previous volunteer’s friends and family:

P1040279 - Copy

Doing what I do best in a plane to Lamu:


Me taking a picture in Lamu.


Here I am “explaining” a science experiment (poking holes in paper to reveal the crescent-shaped spot on the shadow caused by the eclipse) to my vocational students, another teacher, and some others.  I had never heard of this trick and wasn’t even aware that there was an eclipse happening, but another volunteer called me during the eclipse and explained how it worked and insisted that I must go show it to some students.  ErinRose knew the trick, too, so she poked the holes.  It was pretty cool, and I still don’t totally understand why it works at all:


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Family Visit!

Will write more later.  For now, catch up on the photos:

Me, my sister and my mom in Mombasa:




And in Watamu and Malindi:




And on safari with the fam and my girlfriend:






















And visiting an officially-sanctioned tourist-friendly Massai village:



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  • Gloria & Patrick

    Hi Paul & ErinRose,

    Thank you for sharing the beautiful Safari photos – how exciting!!


    Patrick & Gloria

  • omg these pictures are so much better than mine. how did that happen! i never saw that zebra or giraffe one. and the lion and cheetah ones are way better than mine. what the heck!

    • Well, some of these pictures are actually yours, so don’t give me too much credit. Your sleeping lion couple one is still probably the best picture of the bunch.

  • oops btw this is elise who is jealous of ur pictures.