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Solar on the Brain

So after about 72 hours with no power, it’s back on!  This is the longest I’ve been without electricity since I’ve been in Mombasa, and I really missed having fans near my bed.  As a result, it was also the first time since I’ve been in Kenya that I set up my solar equipment to charge my phone and my laptop!

On a seemingly unrelated note, I’m probably going to head up to Lamu (the closest I’ll probably ever get to Somalia) soon, to help set up software at another volunteer’s school’s computer lab, which is completely solar powered!

These two things got me thinking that I should write a bit about my solar setup, since when I put it all together before leaving for Kenya, it was nearly impossible to find good practical info on how to run a laptop off of a solar kit that fits in a backpack.  Anyhow, if you’re at all curious, there’s now a “Solar Laptop” link at the top of the blog.  With any luck people will find it as useful as the “Kenyan Phone Tricks” page.

And an unrelated picture for your pleasure: from yesterday’s “Lion’s Games,” where various “Special Schools” compete at a racetrack, our school sat beside a large group of blind students—an odd pairing, for sure, with communication between students virtually impossible!


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